My passion for entertaining started when I was young after receiving a simple trick for Christmas. Once I had mastered this illusion and seeing the reaction I could command – I was hooked. I then decided that I wanted to entertain people using magic for as long as I could.

I perfected my skills by practicing, reading about other magicians experiences, from the Great Houdini to the Great local magicians here in Scotland, and then practicing some more.

I continued this routine for the years up to and throughout University – taking every opportunity to perform – and now, after graduating, I find myself spending every day doing what I have always loved. Through this I travel the country and indeed the world, performing my unique style of magic, and have entertained some of the top entertainers, corporate leaders and sportsmen in Europe.

I take great pride in what I do, and in leaving a memorable impression on all of my audiences, whether that be the large corporate event, the madness of The Edinburgh Fringe or the intimate family gathering.

One of the things I’m most proud of is that I have a majority of bookings from either referrals or repeat bookings for existing clients. I’ve developed my reputation and understanding of people through keeping a fresh approach, and maturity to entertaining and apply this to audiences of all ages – 5 years old children or 95 year old children at heart. I look forward to one day entertaining you – whatever the event!