The Drinks Reception

The ceremony has just finished, which gives the happy couple a chance for their wedding photographs. The guests get started on the fizz and canapés and it’s not long before the awkward small talk comes out.

You want your day to have a fun and relaxed atmosphere, and for it to be a memorable few hours – that’s where Elliot comes in. He will…

  • Break the ice between the guests and get everyone chatting,
  • Leave guests with unique gifts – meaning that they will remember YOUR wedding day for years to come,
  • Entertain all age groups, from young children to that sceptical grandparent!

If the couple are getting married in a church, Elliot will be waiting at the reception venue to welcome and entertain guests as they arrive. If the wedding and reception are at the same venue, he will join your guests as they get their first drinks after the ceremony.

The drinks reception section can usually last between 1.5 – 2hours, which can be a long time for guests not involved in the pictures. This however, is the ideal time for Elliot to wow them with some magic and create some lasting memories! 

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