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My Favourite Magician

One of the most popular questions I get asked by people is “Who is your favourite magician?” , along with a couple of others: “Can you tell me how you just did you do that?” and “Can you make my wife disappear?”

There are a few magicians I like, and who I look up to – but my favourite is Derren Brown.

Derren is most known for his incredible mind reading abilities, and also hypnotism, but what many people don’t know is that he started out as a normal magician, mostly working with cards.

Now-a-days though, he travels the country and appears on TV, presenting incredible feats of mind reading, in such a way that the viewer is intrigued, and drawn into his performance. I was lucky enough to witness Derren’s ‘Svengali’ show last month, and it was amazing. He is such a clever and knowledgeable person.

The video below is a beautiful piece of card manipulation and this piece, combined with his amazing presentational skills, makes Derren my favourite magician.