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Is There Such A Thing As ‘Real Magic’ or just ‘Magic Moments’ ?

I’m currently performing in Paphos, in Cyprus, and I was at dinner this evening with an English couple, and a German lady.

Dinner was at the Almyra Hotel which is part of the Thanos Hotel Group, and was excellent. There was a massive cruise ship sitting out at sea which looked amazing. Everyone was saying how good it looked and if it had been arranged for us (as a joke).
I said: “that is the entertainment – fireworks would also be set off from it and we would have a great show” – there was a mild chuckle.

I ended up doing a little bit of magic at the table, and did the usual card stuff, and then got the gentleman to name a random card that popped into his head – to which he replied: “the 9 of Diamonds” to which I informed him that this card was the ‘Curse Of Scotland’ card, ironically, to which everyone laughed… until he got his phone out and actually checked to see if I was right. (For more info: Click Here)

The night went on and then I did one last final trick which was a prediction one. I got a pen out and wrote down my prediction on a card, but then tore it and put it in my pocket and went for a different prediction instead. I folded the card into quarters and gave it to the German lady on my right to hold onto. I then got the guy to choose 3 items from the table, and then his wife to choose another 3 items.

They worked together to then narrow it down from the 6 items to the 3 items between them. I then said do you want to change your mind with any objects, to which the woman changed one of the objects.

I was then left with a pair of glasses, a spoon and a wine glass – out of about 25-30 items on the table.

I said to them to both pick up an item and the woman picked up the glasses and he picked up the spoon. I then removed the wine glass and talked a bit about suggestion, and how couples usually think the same thoughts etc.

I got them to clear their minds and I counted to 3 and on 3 they both had to name one of the 2 objects. They both named ‘The Spoon’ – and they instantly looked at each other.

The German lady then opened the card to reveal that I had written my prediction as ‘The Spoon’ and everyone went crazy – and started trying to work it out.
The guy then said, what about the one that you wrote down first, tore, and put in your pocket.

I took that out and gave it to him.

He opened it and it said ‘The Glasses’ which he couldn’t believe.

I love it when magic just ‘happens’

I’m just about to go to bed now, and I’m typing this on the balcony, of my lovely room at the Annabelle Hotel (again part of the Thanos Hotel Group), and you’re not going to believe what’s just happened…

… that’s right, they’ve just started setting off fireworks from the boat!

If I don’t make it back after my show on Sunday, they will probably have burnt me for witchcraft!!