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Halloween Top Tip


A cool addition to your Halloween party, is to make your drinks glow in the dark like this:


Halloween Party Tips - Blue Drinks


The secret to doing this, is to add tonic water to your drinks.
Tonic water contains ‘quinine’ which reacts under an ultraviolet “black light” which then turns the water a bright blue colour.

Now for the science:
Something is fluorescent because it has absorbed light energy, which it then releases (or emits) as it returns to its normal state. We find things that glow under ultraviolet lights cool, because we cannot see the ultraviolet light they absorb but we can see the visible light they give out (which is blue in the case of quinine).


Anyway, enough of the Science – I hope you have a great Halloween, and SHARE this tip with your friends if you enjoyed it, by using the buttons below.