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Wheel Of Magic – (Book This Show)

In 2017, Elliot created and starred in the stage show ‘Wheel Of Magic’ which debuted at the Edinburgh International Magic Festival. It is an improv magic gameshow where the audience decides what happens – the structure is the first of its kind in the world.

Audience suggestions are written on the wheel, the wheel is spun, and then the magician has 10 seconds to come up with a trick relating to that word.

The show then ran for 23 nights at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where Elliot performed alongside magician Dave Reubens.

It also had a different guest magician each night and Elliot managed to secure some of the biggest magicians at the Fringe, including Aaron Calvert, Ben Hart, Chris Dugdale, and Tom Crosbie, to name a few.

The Wheel Of Magic is the perfect show for Festivals and also Student Nights (including Fresher’s Weeks).

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