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7 Reasons you should see Elliot Bibby

Elliot Bibby Scottish Magician presents: McMagic Moments at FRINGE WORLD in Perth, Australia. He’s travelled all the way from Scotland to debut his new show at FRINGE WORLD. Performing at The Opticum at The Real Showman’s Fair, here’s 7 reasons this is a must see show:


1. He’s Scottish Magician Of The Year

Elliot is the current Scottish Magician Of The Year. He was Awarded the national trophy after winning the Stage Competition at the Scottish Magic Championships this year. He has won 5 different national trophies over the years and is president elect of the Scottish Association Of Magical Societies.


2. You’ll see magic like this…


3. You’ll get to experience a flavour of Scotland…

As well as seeing incredible magic, you get to experience a lot of Scottish-ness. Scotland Flags, Wee Jimmy Hats, The Loch Ness Monster*, Whisky, and Scottish Music – the show has it all.

*Nessie not in the show


4. You’ll see reactions like this…


5. He’s got Experience…

Elliot has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, with sell-out shows for the last 4 years. He’s also had a run of shows in London (Read more here) as well as working in Cyprus and Las Vegas.


6. You’ll learn something about Scotland…

As well as the show being packed with jaw dropping magic, you’ll actually learn a bit about Scotland. Born and bred in Falkirk, Elliot will educate you through his magic. Every trick will have something to do with Scotland.


7. Wait until you see what he’s wearing…

You’ll have to see how he’s dressed when he walks on stage it’s definitely memorable and you’ll want your own!


‘Elliot Bibby Scottish Magician presents: McMagic Moments’ runs twice a night at FRINGE WORLD in Perth Australia.
18th – 25th February
20:00 & 21:00
Opticum, The Real Showman’s Fair, Urban Orchard, Perth Cultural Centre
Tickets $20
Book Here

That’s 7 Reasons why you should see Elliot Bibby at FRINGE WORLD 2018 – Book your tickets now!