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Paul Daniels

Paul Daniels was an amazing man.

When I was 16 years old I was in the audience to see him perform in Stirling, as part of his UK stage tour. I remember being absolutely mesmerised by him – his stage presence, engaging story telling, and incredible magic.

Half way through the show, during a rope routine, Paul announced: “Do we have an Elliot Bibby in the audience? I heard from a little birdie that you’re also a magician – keep at it” (Or something very close to those words – I was starstruck, and can’t remember the exact phrase)

Later on, I found out that my Gran (Mrs Wilson, who sadly passed away 2 years ago) had sent him a letter. She had sent it to the theatre in Stirling, with important instructions that it was for the attention of Mr Paul Daniels, and for it to be left in the dressing room.

He had obviously read the letter, and made a point of mentioning me during his show, which was such a nice gesture, and a moment that I’ve never forgotten.

In the video below, it shows the moment that I met him and got him to sign one of my playing cards. He thanks a girl that is wearing a GAP branded hoodie, and then proceeds to remember my age, my Grans name, and the exact spelling of my name. That just goes to show what an incredible and thoughtful person he was. He then performs a quick trick which he was famous for. It absolutely fooled me and took me 5 years to finally realise how he had done it.

He will be sadly missed.