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The Fourth Wall REVIEW: McMagic Moments @ FRINGE WORLD 2019

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️½ review from The Fourth Wall for my show ‘McMagic Moments’ which I performed out at The Gold Digger at FRINGE WORLD in Perth, Australia.

FRINGEWORLD 2019: McMagic Moments| 4.5 Stars

What do you get when you cross a comedian with magician? You get Elliot Bibby, who is like getting a two for the price of one deal! His humour is quick and punchy, but it is his magic that is truly impressive. Like a good comedian, he leads you down the garden path of one direction and then pow, he surprises with a super mesmerising trick that just leaves you clapping and looking at the other audience members in awe.

Bibby is the master of creating crowd warmth. This is vitally important as he completes so many tricks in almost an hour – that goes so quickly you think that he suspended time! He requires a high amount of crowd interaction and all go with this because of his charm and humour. Wearing a blue, tartan jacket and slick, spiked up hair – he grabs your attentions from the outset.

As for type of tricks, they range from card tricks to mentalism. Some of these mentalist tricks are so tricky because they use suggestions from the audience – even while they are queuing up! – however no time is left for him to see these suggestions, as they get put straight into a glass bowl that you can see during the show. In fact, Bibby tries to hide nothing from us, unless he wants it to disappear and then reappear in a place seemingly impossible for relocation.

I have seen Bibby before and a year later he is even more mesmerising because he is even more confident and straighter into things. He still would sometimes let you think that he stuffs up somewhere but before you know it – you see that his trick works in an extra difficult way that makes you laugh in astonishment.

For a show that all should enjoy, McMagic Moments is certainly memorable.

Review | Kieran Eaton